Box Elder County Home Sales Up

Box Elder County Real Estate saw its best month for home sales in a while. Home sales numbers were up nearly 48% compared with March of last year when just 22 residential homes sold. They were also up 40% from February’s numbers.

While home sales in Box Elder County were up, homes were selling for a lot less than what the sellers originally wanted. From the 42 Box Elder County Homes that sold during March, on average sellers got just 83% of their original list price. Some Box Elder County buyers probably got some pretty good deals. The median price of homes sold in March was $148,750 while the average sold price was $173,313.

Inventory of homes in Box Elder County is up as well. Currently, there are 385 residential homes for sale in Box Elder County Utah. At March’s home sales pace, this is just over nine months of active real estate inventory.

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