Box Elder County Home Sales Up

Box Elder County Real Estate saw its best month for home sales in a while. Home sales numbers were up nearly 48% compared with March of last year when just 22 residential homes sold. They were also up 40% from February’s numbers.

While home sales in Box Elder County were up, homes were selling for a lot less than what the sellers originally wanted. From the 42 Box Elder County Homes that sold during March, on average sellers got just 83% of their original list price. Some Box Elder County buyers probably got some pretty good deals. The median price of homes sold in March was $148,750 while the average sold price was $173,313.

Inventory of homes in Box Elder County is up as well. Currently, there are 385 residential homes for sale in Box Elder County Utah. At March’s home sales pace, this is just over nine months of active real estate inventory.…

Year Over Year Home Sales Improved in Logan

The Logan Real Estate market is clearly not recovered from the great housing recession yet, but there are some positive signs.
January Home Sales were the best they’ve been since 2008, and up by 15% from last year. Reported thus far, 46 residential homes in Cache County have been reported as sold.

Year Over Year Home Sales Improved in Logan

Logan Real Estate inventory has actually dropped over the last month from 716 listed homes to 714. Typically, the number of homes for sale increases from January to February, this is also a good sign for the real estate market. Although inventory is down from a month ago, there are still 17 more homes for sale in Cache County than there was at this time last year. At January’s sales pace this represents 15 months of active inventory, which is quite high.

Year Over Year Home Sales Improved in Logan

The list price of real estate in Cache Valley continues to drop. Last month the median price of homes for sale was $179,900. This month that median price is down $5,400 to $174,500.…

Salt Lake Real Estate Inventory Down

Real Estate in Salt Lake County is making good progress towards recovery. The current 6,478 residential homes for sale, is the lowest number of residential home listings in Salt Lake in more than three years.

image 4 Salt Lake Real Estate Inventory Down

Salt Lake Real Estate inventory is way down, despite the fact that just 550 residential homes sold during January, down 31% from strong December home sales. Compared with January of last year, home sales were up by 8.7%.

Real Estate prices in Salt Lake continue to decline. The median list price last month was $199,490, while the Average list price dropped $2,304 to $281,097. Of the homes that sold during January the average price per square foot was just $91.31. The last time real estate values were this low was April of 2005.…